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Physics, Mathematics, and All that Quantum Jazz (World Scientific)

2014年5月11日、World Scientific 社より、 Kinki University Series on Quantum Computing: Volume 9 "Physics, Mathematics, and All that Quantum Jazz" が出版されました[link]。坂東将光氏、Utkan Güngördü氏と共にこの書籍の編集に携わりました。この書籍は、2013年8月に近畿大学で開催した Summer Workshop on "Physics, Mathematics, And All That Quantum Jazz"[link] の会議録です。

  • My Life as a Quantum Physicist (M Nakahara)
  • A Review on Operator Quantum Error Correction — Dedicated to Professor Mikio Nakahara on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday (C-K Li, Y-T Poon and N-S Sze)
  • Implementing Measurement Operators in Linear Optical and Solid-State Qubits (Y Ota, S Ashhab and F Nori)
  • Fast and Accurate Simulation of Quantum Computing by Multi-Precision MPS: Recent Development (A Saitoh)
  • Entanglement Properties of a Quantum Lattice-Gas Model on Square and Triangular Ladders (S Tanaka, R Tamura and H Katsura)
  • On Signal Amplification from Weak-Value Amplification (Y Shikano)
  • Topological Protection of Quantum Information (K Fujii)
  • Quantum Annealing with Antiferromagnetic Fluctuations for Mean-Field Models (Y Seki and H Nishimori)
  • A Method to Change Phase Transition Nature — Toward Annealing Methods (R Tamura and S Tanaka)
  • Computational Analysis of the First Stage of the Photosynthetic System, the Light-Dependent Reaction, by Quantum Chemical Simulation Method (M Tada-Umezaki)
  • Two-Qubit Gate Operation on Selected Nearest Neighboring Qubits in a Neutral Atom Quantum Computer (E Hosseini Lapasar, K Kasamatsu, S Nic Chormaic, T Takui, Y Kondo, M Nakahara and T Ohmi)
  • A Simple Operator Quantum Error Correction Scheme Avoiding Fully Correlated Errors (C Bagnasco, Y Kondo and M Nakahara)
  • Black Hole Predictability, Classical and Quantum (A Ishibashi)
  • Classical Field Simulation of Finite-Temperature Bose Gases (T Sato)
  • Atomic Quantum Simulations of Lattice Gauge Theory: Effect of Gauge Symmetry Breaking (K Kasamatsu, I Ichinose and T Matsui)
  • Recursive Construction of Noiseless Subsystem for Qudits (U Güngördü, C-K Li, M Nakahara, Y-T Poon and N-S Sze)
  • Composite Quantum Gates for Precise Quantum Control (M Bando, T Ichikawa, Y Kondo and M Nakahara)
  • New Formulation of Statistical Mechanics Using Thermal Pure Quantum States (S Sugiura and A Shimizu)
  • Thermodynamics in Unitary Time Evolution (T N Ikeda)
  • Second Law of Thermodynamics with QC-Mutual Information (T Sagawa)